Online as Effective as Offline Learning, Shows LEAD Data

Findings are a relief for parents, who had expressed anxiety about their child’s future in a survey last year

Online as Effective as Offline Learning, Shows LEAD Data
Online as Effective as Offline Learning, Shows LEAD Data
OLM Desk - 20 May 2021

An empirical analysis on academic performance of 20,000 students between Academic Year 2019-20 and post Covid year 2020 has revealed that online learning is as effective as offline learning. The analysis by EdTech player LEAD further indicates that students who had more than 80 percent attendance during online classes scored 45 percent higher than those students who had irregular attendance.

The results abate the continued apprehensions of parents regarding learning efficacy in online classrooms – a new normal that was observed across India following school closures since March 2020.

The middle and end of the year assessment for Academic Year (AY) 2019-2020 and AY 2020-2021 also indicates that online schooling has maintained the language fluency and numeracy similar to offline mode.

For core subjects English and Maths, students who scored 79 percent and 77 percent respectively in AY 19-20 were observed to have scored 75 percent in both subjects in AY 20-21. The pattern was noted in mid-term exams as well across pre-primary, primary and secondary grades indicating that the right use of technology, teacher training and well-structured curriculum can provide good quality learning to children until schools can reopen safely.

The findings come as a big relief for parents, 85 per cent of whom had expressed anxiety about their child’s future in a LEAD survey of 5,000 parents conducted last year.

Data also finds correlation between higher attendance, academic performance and school fees as parents were observed to be more comfortable with the delivery of education being provided despite the sudden and prolonged disruption.

LEAD School Co-founder and CEO Sumeet Mehta said, “The results testify our long-stated stand that technology can provide uninterrupted learning whether it is done online or offline. Our student performance has proved that schools must make online learning a positive force in education and take heroic efforts to facilitate students with online learning experiences until schools reopen. With the efficacy of online learning as seen from the data, parents must leave behind their apprehensions and concerns while encouraging their children to be as committed to learning in an online class as they were in a physical classroom. At LEAD, it has been our mission to impart excellent education and ensure learning never stops and we are going to do the same irrespective of the delivery method or the pandemic.”

The LEAD School@Home programme – the largest online school was launched immediately post nationwide lockdown in March 2020. Ever since, over 8 lakh students in more than 20 states have been provided with uninterrupted learning through online classes.

LEAD also launched a Bridge Course early this year to help students transition to the next grade with prerequisite skills and a recap of core concepts to address any learning gaps experienced owing to school closures.

LEAD offers Integrated School System to over 2000+ partner schools across 400+ cities to deliver 100 per cent complete schooling experience to students. To foster social, emotional and extra curricula needs of students in the wake of school closures, LEAD has been conducting an entirely tech-driven virtual LEAD Championship for all students across partner schools.


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