International Virtual Internships to Build Global Experiences

Remote international internships help students to create a global market and connect to like-minded peers

International Virtual Internships to Build Global Experiences
International Virtual Internships to Build Global Experiences
Sachin Gupta - 11 September 2021

Coronavirus has disturbed the traditional method of learning as in recent times learning offline is not a viable option but to tackle this crucial time learning has become technically advanced i.e. you can attain global experience while working from your home. With the rising uncertainties turning education and work online is the new normal and also the best alternative to bridge the learning gap. What does remote working look like? remote working refers to attaining international experience from a remote location, without being physically present at the office during office hours and gaining global exposure. A remote International internship is the new normal in today’s world. There are innumerous benefits of remote international internships it helps students to create a global market and connect to like-minded peers who can be their future partners, stakeholders, etc., anyone can kick-start his international career from anywhere.

International virtual internships can help to build up your global experiences.

1. Higher chances of employability

A remote internship with a global company will help you attain the career-relevant skills that can help you to become a valuable asset to future employers, such as time management, cross-cultural fluency and self-discipline, and creativity. Having a cognitive skill-set in your resume can boost up your resume which eventually will lead to higher chances of your employability.

2. Boosts up global connectivity

Participating in a remote global internship can help you broaden your network and encourage you to grow and nurture your global perspective. You’ll become part of a global community of peers from different countries. You will learn according to the new global requirements and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of another culture and their distinct working practices, find inspiration and new ideas through connections.

3. Learn leading international career-relevant skills

As we can notice the drastic changes in the operation of every sector. many employers around the world are changing their traditional working systems to the new digitalized working environment. Therefore, participating in these internships helps you to attain digital literacy. It will eventually build up new skills which are globally used. Communicating at video conferences, presenting your work through online platforms, interacting with the team online will help boost up your overall employability skills.

4. Mould your career goals

The virtual global internship can bring up clarity to your career goals and helps you choose what industry is meant for you? How does your chosen industry work? You can define your goals and decide where and why to invest your time and efforts.

5. Save travelling time and expenses

Remote internship eliminates commuting. If you’re interning abroad in a global city, it’s often normal to commute up to an hour or more each way. Working from home cuts down the huge travelling costs and also saves time.

The author is Chancellor, Sanskriti University

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