HSBC Launches Digital Banking Solutions for Corporate Customers

The pandemic has enforced businesses to adapt to changes and introduce new digital initiatives

HSBC Launches Digital Banking Solutions for Corporate Customers
HSBC Launches Digital Banking Solutions for Corporate Customers
OLM Desk - 19 May 2021

HSBC India (the Bank) today announced the launch of HSBC SmartServe and HSBC IntelliSign, first-of-its-kind digital solutions aimed at ensuring a quick, secure and seamless onboarding process for corporate clients.

The API (Application Programming Interface) enabled solutions provide an accelerated onboarding experience, replacing the documentation process with a digital platform, including the use of electronic signatures, as well as leveraging existing data assets to complete account opening requirements.

HSBC SmartServe is a newly digitised account onboarding and lifecycle management solution that offers services to clients that are faster, automated and centralised. A single interface of the platform provides clients with a fully automated onboarding solution where they can submit data and documents directly and securely in addition to receiving confirmations and alerts.

HSBC IntelliSign enables corporate clients to execute product onboarding and lending documents digitally. The platform offers an E-stamp duty feature and E-signature solutions based on Aadhaar e-verification and DSC signing as per legal provisions in India.

Digitising the entire onboarding process, these two new solutions deliver an integrated streamlined high value client experience, for our corporate, financial and institutional clients.

Additionally, HSBC India has recently launched DigiTrade, which caters to both import payments including advance and warehouse payments; as well as export regularisation. It is the first bank to launch this paperless proposition that provides customers with a dashboard of their outstanding trade position with regulators. It also has self-serve functionalities that allows matching funds received with the underlying transaction; creating a master database of vendors and goods, providing a real-time update for their transaction status leading to enhanced efficiencies and operational ease for customers. Importantly, DigiTrade allows customers to move closer towards going paperless and Green, it helps save around 1.2 million pieces of paper annually, leading to save up to 100 trees.

Commenting on the launch of these innovative digital solutions, Hitendra Dave, Head, Global Banking and Markets, at HSBC India said, “The pandemic has enforced businesses across different industries to adapt to the changes significantly faster than expected and introduce new digital initiatives. At HSBC, we are increasingly focused on digital and technology-powered solutions to ease procedural bottlenecks and the current environment is apt for new platforms like HSBC SmartServe, HSBC IntelliSign & DigiTrade that offers a faster, automated and centralised digital workflow. In addition to offering a revolutionised experience, these solutions will also give us a competitive edge and meet the increasing demands of our clients.”


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