How to Recover Money From A Delisted Company

How to Recover Money From A Delisted Company
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Hina Shah - 22 March 2021

Dr P K Sardar

My wife and daughters have an old investment in Birla Power Solution (NSE: BIRYAM). Since the company has delisted, how do we recover our money? Please advise.

It is not mentioned here that the investment done was in equity shares or corporate fixed deposit. If it is equity, it is not tradable and the company may not buy back. Assuming here the investment done was in a corporate fixed deposit of Birla Power Solutions, corporate fixed deposits carry higher risk and are unsecured. However, good interest rates lure many investors. Senior citizens often invest in these FDs and sometimes lose their money. Investors need to be vigilant about corporate fixed deposits and should evaluate their investment decision.

You can recover your money by following the below procedures:

1. File a complaint with the investor’s grievance cell

2. If you don’t get a response from the company's investor’s grievance cell, then file a complaint with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). It can be done online

3. You can also file a complaint with the Company Law Board

4. Another option to get a quick response is to put it on social media like the Twitter handle of the company, where it can reach a large number of people and fast track action is taken

Hina Shah, CFPCM, LUHEM Financial Planner and Coach

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