Personal Finance Queries For The Day (15-9-2020)

Personal Finance Queries For The Day (15-9-2020)
Will I discontinue SIPs and invest in real estate?
Hina Shah - 19 March 2021

Yayati, Mumbai: I have been investing in Mutual Funds since 2017. Due to the recent pandemic, my returns have dropped. My father, who is against the idea of sticking to monthly SIPs, has suggested me to buy a house and divert the monthly SIP amount of Rs 19,000 into paying EMIs, as interest rates on home loans are all-time low. It would be great if you can suggest the best way forward.

The pandemic has brought the world economy down and all equity mutual funds are at discounted prices. It is the time when one must invest more money if available. Many of the funds have already started recovering. Stock markets go up and down as per the cycle and it is normal. Mutual funds’ investments are for the long term hence two to three years are not a gestation period to change the investment. One needs to keep reviewing and rebalancing depending on the goals for which investment is done. If the goal has not been mapped, map it to your investments.

Property prices have gone down and loans are available at cheaper rates. If you are buying property as an investment then think about its pros and cons. Properties are not liquid or are partially liquid. Give a thought before you buy a property.

The query has been answered by Hina Shah, CFPCM Luhem Financial Planner and coach

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